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Our practice is grounded in evidence based research and we are dedicated to ongoing education in areas of pelvic health, obstetrics, pelvic pain, general orthopedics and more. 

We now offer registered Massage Therapy (including Pregnancy treatment) Acupuncture, Dietitics and Counselling
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ORTHOPAEDICs, neurological, Women's health &


Master of physical therapy (university of toronto)


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Raechel is an exceptionally experienced and well rounded physiotherapist who has been practicing for 20 years, with advanced training in many facets and areas of physiotherapy - including a special interest in women’s health, prenatal / postnatal management, and pelvic floor rehabilitation. She also has expertise in neurological, vestibular, post-surgery, geriatric, and orthopedic rehabilitation.

In 2000, she completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia and in 2003 completed a Master of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Throughout her clinical career, she has practiced in a wide spectrum of clinical settings including acute care, rehabilitation hospitals, occupational rehabilitation programs and private physiotherapy clinics.

Life-long learning is very important to Raechel, and her advanced training includes completion of numerous post-graduate courses in pelvic floor rehabilitation, incontinence, cardiorespiratory interventions, neurological treatments (Bobath, vestibular, concussion), orthopaedics (hands-on manual therapy, functional exercise, fascial manipulation), visceral manipulation, gerontology (senior's health), and most recently a focus on the female athlete (pelvic floor dysfunction and ante-natal/post natal exercise considerations in high intensity exercise, and more).

Raechel has always been fascinated and amazed by the human body, ever since a young age which led her to a career in physiotherapy. After experiencing the transformation of pregnancy with her two children, it had inspired her to focus on helping women navigate the changes one’s body goes through during this period. She is passionate about empowering people to achieve their personal health and wellness goals by providing a combination of education and evidence-based treatment interventions. Her goal is to provide you with care which will allow you to function as independently and successfully as possible in a way which is meaningful to you.

When she’s not helping others, Raechel enjoys running, yoga and spending time outdoors with her partner and two young daughters.

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ORTHOPAEDICS, Running assessments, WOMEN'S HEALTH &

pelvic floor physiotherapist 




Moriah Thorpe 

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Moriah Thorpe is a registered physiotherapist practicing in the field of women's and pelvic health, sports medicine, orthopedics, and vestibular rehab.

Moriah has various experiences in public health, strength and conditioning, academic research and teaching that span multiple sectors. She has worked with elite and recreational athletes in multiple sports disciplines in addition to the general population. Her areas of particular interest include pre- and postnatal exercise prescription and return to running, pelvic floor rehabilitation, bowel and bladder dysfunction, pelvic pain and more.

Moriah has always had an interest in women's health and creating a safe space for women who have been historically underserved in health care. Moriah's approach to treatment is rooted in current research evidence and she promotes active based treatment methods while prioritizing individual needs. She incorporates education, manual therapy, IMS (dry-needling) and advanced exercise prescription to help clients get back to the activities they enjoy and love. You can expect her to foster joint accountability for a successful rehabilitation.  

- Master of Physical Therapy - Western University
- Master of Human Kinetics - Laurentian University
- Bachelor of Physical and Health Education - Specialization in Health Promotion

- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
- The Role of Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Anyone Experiencing Pelvic Pain through a Trauma Informed Lens (Pelvic Health Solutions)
- The Physical Therapy Approach to Anyone Experiencing Urinary Incontinence (Pelvic Health Solutions)
- Pregnancy, Pelvic Girdle Pain, and the Pelvic Floor (Pelvic Health Solutions)
- Anatomical Neuropathic Intramuscular Stimulation (AN-IMS), Level 1 (Foundations Health Education)
- Vestibular Rehabilitation - A Comprehensive Introduction (Bernard Tonks)
- Running Repairs Clinical Edge (Tom Goom)
- Canadian Red Cross First Responder (Sport Physiotherapy Canada)
- Canadian Orthopedic Manual & Manipulative Therapy, Level 1

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pelvic floor physiotherapist 


Master of physical therapy (UBC)



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Michelle (she/her) graduated from University of British Columbia in 2007 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology, and in 2012 a Master of Physical Therapy. She has practiced at numerous hospitals in British Columbia and pursued advanced training in the areas of pelvic health, orthopedics, neurological rehabilitation, geriatrics, and is a certified functional dry needling practitioner.

She chooses to dedicate her practice to pelvic health because she is fascinated by the significant improvements in quality of life that can be achieved by improving pelvic health. Her passion and enthusiasm for her profession comes from connecting with her patients and helping them achieve their goals through specific evidence informed interventions.

Michelle has experience working with women, men, and transgender individuals in the areas of bladder/bowel concerns, pelvic pain conditions, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and more. Michelle has also practiced at the UBC Bladder Care Center as well as the Vancouver Gender Affirming Surgery Program, which is the first of its kind in British Columbia. She has a keen interest in special topics in women’s health including pre/post-natal wellness, endometriosis, post-hysterectomy treatment, as well as transgender care, and is trained in pessary fitting.

  • University of British Columbia: Bachelor of Science Pharmacology 2007 (Honors), SFU Faculty of Science: Biochemistry / Molecular Biology
  • University of British Columbia: Master of Physical Therapy 2012

  • UBC Hospital Bladder Care Centre: Registered PT
  • Vancouver Gender Affirming Surgery Program: Registered PT
  • Richmond Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinics: Registered PT

Qualifications / Training:
  • Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (American Physiotherapy Association)
  • Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (American Physiotherapy Association)
  • Intrapartum Topics of Obstetrics & Physical Therapy (American Physiotherapy Association)
  • Physical Therapy in Gender Affirming Care: Transgender Health (American Physiotherapy Association)
  • Physical Therapy Approach to Anyone Experiencing Urinary Incontinence (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • The Role of Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Anyone Experiencing Pelvic Pain Through a Trauma Informed Lens (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Ultrasound Imaging in Male & Female Pelvic Health (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Introductory Electrical Stimulation for Pelvic Health (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Cesarean Birth: The Role of Physiotherapy in Preparation & Recovery (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Visceral Manipulation 1 - The Abdomen (Barral Institute)
  • The Thorax & its Relationship to Impairments of the Pelvis & Hip (Diane Lee)
  • Pessary Fitment & Training (Dayan Physio)
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Level 1 (Dayan Physio)
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Level 2 (Dayan Physio)
  • Dry Needling Level 1 (Acupuncture Canada)
  • Dry Needling Level 2 (Acupuncture Canada)
  • GLA:D Osteoarthritis Program & Trainer Certification (GLA:D)
  • Additional Physiotherapy: Assessment & Management of Rheumatic Disease, Lumbar Spine Level A Certification (McKenzie Institute), Bobath Neuro-Developmental Treatment Level 1 Certification, Orthopaedic Division of Canada Level 1 Certification, PABC Rotator Cuff Rehab & Management

  • College of Physical Therapists of BC: Active member in good standing
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Health: Member
  • American Physiotherapy Association Women’s Health: Member
  • Physiotherapy Association of BC: Member, Student Director UBC 2010-2012

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pelvic floor physiotherapist

Doctorate of Physiotherapy 



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Emily (she/her) is a registered physiotherapist with a Doctorate of Physiotherapy Degree (with Distinction) from the University of Melbourne and with a undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. Emily's passion for pelvic health started early on as she was able to work with some of the world's leading pelvic floor physiotherapists and observed what an amazing impact pelvic floor physiotherapy could have on someone's life. In practice, Emily has gained experience through working in both the public and private setting for pelvic health giving her a deeper understanding of the journeys her clients have been through. Emily is a skilled problem solver when it comes to helping people with their pelvic health and likes to go beyond the body to understand the person as a whole and how their individual circumstances might affect their pelvic health. Emily prioritizes holistic care and ensuring clients understand their care plan as she feels this is what leads to best client outcomes.

  • Doctorate of Physiotherapy (with Distinction), University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia 

  • Women's, Men's & Pelvic Health, Casey Hospital (Melbourne, Austrailia)
  • Registered Physiotherapist specializing in Pelvic Health, Vancouver Private Clinic

Qualifications / Advanced Training:
  • Elevating Pregnancy, Birth, and The 4th Trimester (Reframe Rehab)
  • Pain Neuroscience Applied to Childbirth: Exploring Theory, Integration and Outcomes (Reframe Rehab)
  • Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy (American Physiotherapy Association)
  • Cesarean Birth & Rehabilitation (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • The Running Athlete (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Biopsychosocial Reframed: Using Questionnaires to Create a Psychologically Informed Practice (Reframe Rehab)
  • The Role of Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Anyone Experiencing Pelvic Pain through a Trauma Informed Lens (Pelvic Health Solutions Level 2)
  • The Physical Therapy Approach to Anyone Experiencing Urinary Incontinence (Pelvic Health Solutions, Level 1)
  • Pregnancy, Pelvic Girdle Pain, and the Pelvic Floor (Pelvic Health Solutions)
  • Pelvic Health Introduction to Pelvic Health Online Modules (University of Alberta)
  • National Conference on Incontinence Australia (2020)
  • Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy Level 1 (Australian Physiotherapy Association)
  • Clinical Pilates Instructor, Melbourne, Australia (Universal Practice)
  • Experienced in managing and treating an array of pelvic health conditions including urinary incontinence, prolapse, CPP, IC, endometriosis, painful periods, dyspareunia, vaginismus, vestibulodynia, vulvodynia, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder, fecal and flatal incontinence, and more.
  • Experienced with both cis-male and cis-female, commenced treatment with gender fluid patients.

  • College of Physical Therapists of BC: Active member in good standing
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Women’s Health: Member
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Registration, non-practicing

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caroline klemens 

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Areas of expertise and specialization:

- General healthy eating and meal preparation
- Peri-menopause and menopause
- PCOS dietitian
- Behaviour changes using mindset practices
- Weight management (including weight release through a non-diet approach)
- Management of disordered eating patterns and improving your relationship with food and your body
- Chronic disease management and prevention, including cholesterol, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver
- Digestive Health: IBS dietitian support
- Nutritional interventions of a dietitian for thyroid support (Hashimoto’s)
- Celiac Disease support

Caroline is a mother to three adult daughters, past semi-pro athlete, and registered dietitian. Soon, it will be 30 years that Caroline has dedicated herself to guiding clients on their journey to a healthier life. She believes that your knowledge and mindset are the key drivers to any change, including weight release. Even if you think you have tried it all, Caroline invites you to explore mindful and intuitive eating strategies with her to help you experience the satisfaction of reaching your goals.

She stands for women not struggling with their food choices and weight anymore. Her driving force is to disrupt the dieting industry and do away with quick fixes that promise improved health and weight loss.

After cycling across Canada, she learned that anything is possible if it is broken down into manageable steps. She has the ability to help her clients find the answers to questions they never knew they had.

After becoming accidentally overweight she has released the weight and founded a program to help women do the same. Coupled with three decades of experience she has helped countless people step back into their magnificence to live the rest of their life to their full potential.

Outside of work, Caroline loves to recharge by connecting with nature and going on a stroll in the woods or on a ride with her bicycle group. The closeness to nature is what drew her from Toronto to Vancouver. Caroline obtained her Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Applied Human Nutrition from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson).

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RMT (Honours / top of class), CSCS

Registered massage therapist (VCC) 


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Prenatal / Pregnancy massage therapist

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Prenatal / Pregnancy massage therapist

Na Youn has extensive experience and expertise in healthcare even long before becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia). She has also taken advanced courses / training in perinatal (pregnancy) massage treatment. 

She previously was a registered Physiotherapist (Korean Physiotherapy Association, 3 year program) and originally graduated with a Bachelor of Science (2007). She worked as a Physiotherapist in various settings including the hospital and private clinics, and previous to that was a personal trainer. She is also a NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

With that experience, it has translated very well to her skills as an RMT where she was an Honours graduate from VCC. Na Youn focuses on targeting specific muscles and soft tissues to help release tension, pain, stress and to promote circulation and relaxation. She uses a combination of Swedish, Myofascial Release (MFR), Trigger Point Release (TrP), joint mobilizations, stretching, and much more to treat a wide array of conditions.

Na Youn’s favorite hobbies include camping, exercising, waterskiing and exploring beautiful British Columbia.

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BA, R.Ac (Dean’s List / top of class)


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master of counselling psychology (UBC)


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master of counselling psychology (UBC)


Shahla Jalali-Mazlouman is the clinical director of Water Lily Counselling. She is a registered clinical counsellor (#11503) and a member with good standing in the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).

She holds a Master of Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, BC. She has completed post graduate training in trauma focused treatments including EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), MBSR (Mindfulness based Stress Reduction), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), play therapy, parent child relationship therapy, and expressive and creative art therapies. Her career as a counsellor began 15 years ago when she started working in the school system where she provided counselling to adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, self-injury and suicidal ideation, and prevention. Her career further developed in the non-profit sector where she supported both adults and children with a history of abuse and trauma. She has founded and directed the team at Water Lily Counselling since 2013.

Drawing from her community experiences as well as her training, Shahla is passionate in working with adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and post trauma symptoms. This includes individuals who may have been injured physically in an accident as well as helping adults overcome anxiety and depressive states as a result of past or current stressful experiences. In addition to her work with individual adults, Shahla also works with younger children and their families to address behavioral concerns and improve parent child relationships. Shahla believes a strong and healthy parent child relationship can provide alternative parenting strategies as opposed to traditional discipline strategies.

As a therapist, Shahla provides a warm, inviting, safe, and therapeutic environment. She helps individuals in rediscovering and rebuilding those parts that may have been lost or bent as a result of traumatic incidents, or daily life stressors. As a firm believer of the power in man’s best friend’s unconditional love, Shahla spends her time out of office training her beloved dog, Eva- a Bernes Mountain dog mix- to join her in her practice. Eva is mastering her skills of Good Canine Neighbor (CGN) and is working towards becoming a certified therapy dog. Shahla believes that animal assisted therapy can greatly help with individual’s coping with difficult emotions and assist in facilitating a faster healing from traumatic events. While fully understanding that this method may not be in every client’s comfort level, Shahla is very excited in introducing Eva to be part of the therapy of individuals who are comfortable to have a canine presence in their session.

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Susan Rankin graduated from McGill University with a BScPT and worked primarily with neurological patients treating strokes, Parkinson’s and MS. After 7 years, she attended McMaster University where she obtained a Master of Health Sciences. Following completion of her Masters degree, she was trained in the techniques of Facial Neuromuscular Retraining as part of a research project. This very specific post-graduate training is designed to treat peripheral facial palsies. In 1990 Susan started a private practice in metro Vancouver exclusively treating facial palsies. After working with facial palsy patients for over 35 years, Susan is considered one of the foremost experts in all of Canada and with Facial Therapy Specialists International. She is a member of the multidisciplinary Facial Nerve team at St. Paul’s hospital and University of British Columbia.

Susan teaches courses in Facial Neuromuscular Retraining and is determined to have more practitioners treating this population of people. She is passionate about helping people gain control in their faces and improve their facial symmetry. This is done with education and expertise in practicing specific and precise movements in their faces.

Diagnoses treated include Bell’s Palsy, Ramsay Hunt syndrome, post-surgical Acoustic and Facial Neuromas, Parotid cancers, congenital and traumatic injuries to the facial nerve, amongst others.

In the mid 90s Susan expanded into the area of Vestibular Rehabilitation. In addition to many vestibular, concussion and balance courses; Susan became a certified vestibular therapist from Emory University. However, in the next phase of her career, Susan will only be treating facial patients knowing that there are many well qualified vestibular therapists available in metro Vancouver, but not many qualified facial therapists

Susan’s website is www.rankinphysio.com, and her Facebook page is www.facebook.com/rankinphysiorankinphysio

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clinic administrator

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Clinic Mascot & happy maker


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"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."



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